Yannou (they/them)
Wellness Massages for Queers & Allies

Speaks: English and German

My name is Yannou (they/them).

At Meta:morfosis I offer wellness massages for queers & allies. 

I massage with precious oil using various massage techniques from classic massage. Every massage is unique. We start with a cup of tea to discuss exactly what the massage might look like. 

Why are the massages for Queers & Allies? 

Individual and structural experiences of discrimination and power relations have an effect on our bodies and can limit us greatly as a result. The massages can create a balance, nourish us and give us the strength to continue fighting for our rights and to be ourselves. On the one hand, massages work on a physical level by releasing tension and stimulating detoxification processes. On the other hand, the massages also work on a psychological level: the touch can calm and regulate the nervous system and thus have a nourishing effect on the entire organism. 

I try to create a discrimination-sensitive, queer and trans*euphoric place where marginalized people in particular can relax and unwind for a while. Thanks to my previous experience in psychiatry-critical projects and further training in trauma sensitivity, I can also offer trauma-informed wellness massages.

I am white, have a German passport and define myself as non-binary trans and queer. I am mostly able-bodied. Having grown up in working-class circles, I now often move in academicized contexts.

Rate: 27-95 € depending on length of the massage & your income

You can book your massage here:
If you have any questions, please contact me at: info@queerembrace.de

There are also vouchers ❤️