Victoria de la Parra López (she/her)

Dance Movement (psycho) Therapy
Body Therapy

Speaks: Spanish and English

I provide a compassionate, attentive, and sensitive listening, along with tools to explore emotions, sensations, and memories in supportive and trusting environment. Together, we will take the necessary time, using body and movement, to express feelings that might be challenging to articulate verbally, thereby empowering your inner resources.

As a dance movement therapist, my approach is rooted in the principles of embodiment, enaction, and intersubjectivity. This means that I focus on the connection between the mind and body, working with lived experiences, sensations, and body memory. In therapy, I emphasize the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Together with my patients, we construct and explore relational experiences. Furthermore, I integrate a political perspective into my approach, recognizing the impact of power structures on individuals.

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