Speaks: English and German

Embodiment Session (online and offline)

Waking up your felt sense, strengthening your vitality, loosening tension and grounding yourself. In an embodiment session I guide you through body-centred conversation, mindfulness techniques, self-shiatsu massage and other somatic exercises towards a deeper awareness of your body. These felt experiences make it easier to leave old patterns, follow new paths and stay grounded in everyday life. I support and hold the space for everything that wants to be present, and I work consent based and trauma sensitive.

A session lasts 45 minutes

Online session or offline at meta:morfosis.

At the practice space we work with enough physical distance and nose-mouth covering.


Shiatsu guides you towards a deeper connection with your body and solid grounding within yourself. In a session we follow feelings of lightness, safety and presence and focus on the positive sensations in your body. I open a dialogue with your body that supports you to feel the reactions of your bodies nervous system consciously. In that way your self-regulation and resilience can grow. Every session is unique and measured to your needs. Your body holds all the wisdom. I am holding space for your processes and emotions and I encourage and support regulation and resilience. Physical and emotional patterns can begin to transform. In the treatment I integrate elements of Somatic Experience and Mindfulness methods into Shiatsu. Your body is being held or moved during a session and pressure is applied along the meridians.

Shiatsu was developed in the first half of the 20th century by Masunaga Shizuto and Namikoshi Tokujiro in Japan. They fused the knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional Japanese healing massage with concepts of western anatomy and psychology. Their pupils started to train shiatsu practitioners in other parts of the world. I am aware of cultural appropriation and for me, as a white person, it’s important to be responsible about the fact that I did not grow up in the contexts this healing art was developed in.

Please bring comfy clothes to the session and a fresh pair of socks. I also ask you to bring a face mask and to wear it during the whole session. I am also wearing a mask. During a Shiatsu session, the client lies or sits on a futon or massage bench wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Shiatsu is recommended for people of all ages and constitutions.

Shiatsu for two

Learn a relaxing shiatsu massage together with a friend or loved one. In 120 minutes you learn basic shiatsu techniques and giving each other an easy full body treatment.

About me

My name is Niklas, I am a queer, white, trans*male Shiatsu practitioner and mindfulness coach. Bodywork means to me that I can face my own trauma in a healing way. Bodywork centres me and I enjoy supporting my clients within their healing processes and to spark their potential for vitality and visibility. I love my work. I trained to become a Shiatsu practitioner at Shiatsu-Zentrum Edith Storch in Berlin from 2011 to 2014. Since qualifying, I have been holding regular practice evenings at the Centre, in which I share my knowledge about the meridians in Zen Shiatsu according to Masunaga. I am frequently attending professional training courses on the topics of trauma, pain and mindfulness. I also provide embodiment workshops on topics of gender, queerness and trauma.

Instagram: @shiatsu.niklas.brochhagen