About us

We are a group of 15 people working with different types of treatments. We want to create a space where it is clear that our mental and physical health is strongly influenced by society and the existing power structures. we also have a great desire for exchange and transmission of experiences and knowledge connected to the body/mind and the influences that affect it. Alongside individual treatments we therefor offer seminars, workshops and infoevents about health & politics and bodywork-courses to support each other in gaining autonomy and knowledge about our bodies and health.

Our working approach

Self-determination, self-empowerment and breaking down the hierarchies between therapists and the people who come to us for therapy are central to our work.With our work we want to open up the possibility for people to perceive their body and their emotions in new ways. We try to provide them with self-help tools and to support them, as far as we can, on their individual path. It is important to us that people feel supported by us and that they can hand over responsibility to the therapist during the therapy if needed.
We want to deal critically with the prevailing understanding of illness and health. In our opinion, no discussion of medicine, body and health can take place without taking into account the connection between social conditions, structural discrimination, state violence and their influence on physical and mental health. Acknowledging this, reflecting on it and including it in our dealings with each other and with the people who come to us for therapy, and creating space for it, is therefore indispensable for us.