Aurelie Richards (she/her)

Trauma Recovery Guide
Somatics Educator and Trainer
NADA Ear Acupuncture

Speaks: English and German

My practice

I focus on cultivating resilience through 1:1 psychosocial counselling and mentorship, somatics practices like the therapeutic tremor, as well as spiritual guidance through guided meditation and trance work.

I additionally facilitate couples, polycules, groups, and organisations to navigate transitions and crisis by re/building secure attachment – embodied and trauma-informed trust and commitment – which usually includes some degree of processing power dynamics, centring equity, and workshopping governance strategies.

About me

In 2010, I earned my degree from New York University, where I studied and researched proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation with Irene Dowd, Ideokinesis with Lynn Martin, and later apprenticed with the Trisha Brown Dance Company.

I then went on to do a series of long-term intensive trainings in Klein technique, Alexander technique, and Kinetic Awareness, which led me to the Ohashi Institute where I became a certified Shiatsu practitioner.

After a dance-career ending injury, I moved north to Blue Cliff Monastery, where I lived a year as a monastic novice and participated in the first and only cohort of Mindfulness Facilitation certification through the Unified Buddhist Church (aka The Plum Village tradition), with trainers such as Thich Nhat Hahn, Joanna Macy, and Kaira Jewel Lingo.

I continued my training in facilitation in New England. As a founding member of Morning Sun Mindfulness and Permaculture Education Center, I met Otto Scharmer, and became one of the early cohorts of Theory U at the MIT Presencing Institute, from which I hold a facilitation certificate.

In the last years my practice has become explicitly trauma focused, training in attachment theory with Carmen Spagnola, and getting certified in the Resilience Toolkit.

Offerings and Pricing

  • Visit my offerings page for an overview of ongoing offerings.
    • This includes: 1:1 sessions, team training, wellness at work programmes, and workshops in somatics as well as queer and trans competency for people in helping professions.
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  • My pricing is a narrative-based sliding scale and more information can be found on my pricing page.