Soli Event 4th of November

A day of treatments, workshops, exchange and discussion Saturday, 4th of Novemeber14h – 21h At this Soli Event we will be offering: INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS: WORKSHOPS/GROUP ACTIVITIES Please bring a mask for the workshops, participants will decide together if it is needed. If you want us to wear a mask for your treatment, please let us […]


Victoria de la Parra LópezDance Movement (psycho) Therapy/ Body Therapy Spanish and English I provide a compassionate, attentive, and sensitive listening, along with tools to explore emotions, sensations, and memories in supportive and trusting environment. Together, we will take the necessary time, using body and movement, to express feelings that might be challenging to articulate […]


Working as a sex therapist, sex educator, sexological bodyworker, and relationship coach, Jeremy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to their practice. Currently based in Berlin, they identify as polyamorous, slutty, a sex worker, kinky, genderfluid, and queer. With a background in education, science, creative art, and sexual health, Jeremy holds multiple university degrees […]


Ich bin Shima Saeedi, gelernte Heilpraktikerin mit Schwerpunkt Akupunktur. Ich habe von 2017 bis 2020 die Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung in Berlin besucht. Dort habe ich die Grundlagen und Philosophie der Chinesischen Medizin und Akupunktur erlernt und 2021 vom Gesundheitsamt Berlin meine Heilpraktikerlaubnis erhalten. Danach sammelte ich 2 Jahre lang in einer Praxishospitanz bei Berlin Akupunktur […]

Sarah Naqvi

Sarah Naqvi (she/they) is offering sessions in somatic bodywork. Sarah’s practice is based on a trauma-informed understanding of the body-mind and aims to translate a critical awareness of power relations within her sessions. Sarah is a certified Pantarei Practitioner and is adding years of self-study, a background in political science, and informal teachings from her […]


The Medicine I offer is a trip of self discover, to meet you up and know yourself and make things differents to get a better state of being, learning the tools you have to adapt yourself to the new challenges in the life. I company you on this process until you become independent and self […]

Community Acupuncture

Jeden Mittwoch 15 – 20 Uhr


body. mind. pain.impression and expressionsociety, power, discrimination.experiences are ingrained into our muscles, into our minds, have become parts of us. Kopf. Körper. Schmerz.Eindrücke und AusdrückeGesellschaft, Macht und Diskriminierungen.Erfahrungen werden in unsere Körper eingeschrieben, in unsere Psychen, werden Teil von uns. Tête. Corps. Douleur.Impression et expression.Société, pouvoir et discriminisation.Experiences sont inscrit dans nos corps, dans nos […]


emanzipatorisches medizinkollektiv Wir sind ein Kollektiv von vier Menschen und arbeiten mit Akupunktur, Shiatsu und Körperarbeit. Neben der individuellen Behandlung möchten wir Menschen auch darin unterstützen, mehr Autonomie und Wissen über ihren Körper und Gesundheit zu erlangen, indem wir (angepasst an die aktuelle Situation um Covid 19) Veranstaltungen zu gesundheitspolitischen Themen und Körperarbeitskurse anbieten.Wir wollen […]


Embodiment Session (online and offline) Waking up your felt sense, strengthening your vitality, loosening tension and grounding yourself. In an embodiment session I guide you through bodycentered conversation, mindfulness techniques, self-shiatsu massage and other somatic exercises towards a deeper awareness of your body. These felt experiences make it easier to leave old patterns, follow new […]