Soli Event 4th of November

A day of treatments, workshops, exchange and discussion

Saturday, 4th of Novemeber
14h – 21h

At this Soli Event we will be offering:


  • 14:00 & 15:30 hrs: Somatic Bodywork
  • 14:00 & 15:30 hrs: Classical Massage
  • 17:00 & 18:15 hrs: Osteopathy
  • 17:00 & 18:15 hrs: Massage


  • 14-16 hrs: Sexological Bodywork: Schnupperstunde
    DE/Max 6 people
  • 14-16 hrs: Tiger taps, spider knuckles & gorilla shake -a beginner’s massage workshop
    DE/EN/Max 8 people
  • 16:30-18 hrs: NADA Ear Acupuncture Session
    DE/EN/Max 6 people
  • 16:30-18 hrs: Mobility and balance: Movement class
    DE/EN/Max 6 people
  • 18:30-19:30 hrs: Learn how to give Slow sensual touch
    EN/Max 6 people

Please bring a mask for the workshops, participants will decide together if it is needed. If you want us to wear a mask for your treatment, please let us know!


  • 19 hrs: Medical care in revolutionary movements:
    This time we will show a short movie and give some imput about the work of the Black Panthers around health care and community care.

To book a treatment please click on the links:

For treatments:

For workshops:

Prices on a sliding scale:
30-100 € for 45-60 min treatment
20-60 € for 30 min treatment
5-30 € for workshop or class

A little about us:

We are a self-organized, queer-feminist space for body work and treatments, where it is also clear that our mental and physical health is strongly influenced by society and the existing power structures.
At the moment we are about 15 people at meta working with different types of treatments. Creating this space meant investing a lot of resources, including our energy, enthusiasm and unfortunately also lots of money. This created debts that we cannot settle with our own financial resources. Therefore, we decided to create regular soli-events.

Unfortunately we just got notice that our contract will be terminated by the end of the year! We are very sad and angry that we will lose our space!
We will keep you updated on our situation and more events we will plan and hope to see you in our space before we have to leave it!

Find us on Markgrafendamm 20, 10245 Berlin (5 min walk from Ostkreuz).