Soli-event at meta:morfosis

The next soli-event for meta is at 29th of April from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Evening Event at 7 pm : Why care – helth and autonomy. A discussion with Poliklinik Leipzig, Casa Kuà, group Helth and autonomy network and meta:morfosis.

To see the offered treatments and workshops check here.
To book a treatment please write us:
Prices on a sliding scale: 30-100 Euro for 45-60 min treatment, 20-60 Euro for 30 min treatment, 5-30 Euro for workshop

Please bring a mask for the workshops, participants will decide together if it is needed. If you want us to wear a mask for your treatment, please let us know!

Why a soli-event?

Two years ago a group of four people decided to create meta:morphosis. We are a self-organized, queer-feminist space for body work and treatments, where it is also clear that our mental and physical health is strongly influenced by society and the existing power structures. At the moment we are about 15 people at meta working with different types of treatments. Creating this space meant investing a lot of resources including our energy, enthusiasm and unfortunately lots of money. This created debts that we cannot settle with our own financial resources. Therefore, we decided to create regular soli-events.

What we offer

At the soli-events we offer a wide range of treatments and workshops. There will also be coffe, tea and cake. The money we make is used to reduce the debts at meta.

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