Soli event on July 8, 2023

Our next soli event is coming up! On July 8, starting at 10:00 am, we at meta will open the doors for you again and invite you to get to know our spaces and our work!

This time we decided to offer you many different workshops. There will be morning yoga with Tina, two different workshops on ways to regulate and reduce stress, accupressure, self-massage on the feet for menstrual cramps and a writing workshop.

In addition, we will again offer you individual treatments of 30 – 60 min, this time there will be different massages with Rocky, Elias, Irina and Meiro, Shiatsu with Anke and Nada acupuncture with Rocky and Tina. Please register for the offers at:

From 19:00 there will be an info-event on the topic: why care – examples of medical care in revolutionary movements.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Here is the whole timetable.