Soli-Event — 4th May 2024

Save the Date!

Our queerfeminist practice opens its doors for a day of bodywork and community.

We are a self-organised collective that has recently grown in size. We would like to introduce ourselves and our diverse programme, get to know you and strengthen our community.

Saturday, the 4th May we are offering individual sessions as well as workshops in small group format for a donation.

Whether Somatic Experiencing, Emdbodied Writing Lab, Wellness Massage, Acupuncture, Shiatsu or Craniosacral Therapy and much more – we offer you the opportunity to experience new modalities – low-threshold and approachable in a context far away from mainstream norms.

We are currently fundraising for our own cause to strengthen our collective and soon be able to collect for other projects. Come along and get to know us and our spaces. Book a session or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in our garden and ask us about our work. We look forward to meeting you!

[Covid-Note] Please consider taking a test in advance and pack an FFP2 mask. There are also tests on site. If you need protection, please write to us in advance and if you have a cold, please stay at home.