Sarah Naqvi

Sarah Naqvi (she/they) is offering sessions in somatic bodywork. Sarah’s practice is based on a trauma-informed understanding of the body-mind and aims to translate a critical awareness of power relations within her sessions. Sarah is a certified Pantarei Practitioner and is adding years of self-study, a background in political science, and informal teachings from her kin to the practice.

The sessions start with a conversation for getting to know each other, exploring where you are at in the present and what your wishes are for the session. This part is followed by a combination of touch, verbal communication, and (guided) movement on the massage table.

Through that, the practitioner’s goal is to assist the client’s learning on their unique path of evolution. Sessions can be imagined as vessels through which you can explore your inner landscapes from unknown angles. Current emotional distress, physical pain, or pure curiosity can therefore be utilized as starting points.

It is advisable to wear something comfortable and to plan with some time afterward to integrate the session.

For further information, appointments, pricing policy and questions: und @shehzadisaqvi

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