My name is Penji.

Our society is very challenging and puts a lot of pressure on the individual. As a reaction to overwhelming processes we often react in harmful ways and our bodies respond accordingly: tension, blockages, (chronic) pain, anxiety, uneasyness, sleeping and digestive disorders, panic and disconnection are common reactions among many others.

I like to support you to explore and sense your own body. To get a deeper connection and communication to yourself, your sensations, your feelings. I want to encourage you to acknowledge your needs, your limitations and channel physical and emotional reactions. I invite you to get in touch with your own resources to gain stability, autonomy and resistance.


Massages can help to reduce tension, blockages, anxiety, stress and pain. it can be used as a tool to connect to oneself (emotionally and physically), to strengthen self awareness and notice our needs to prevent chronic disease/disbalance. touch can help to feel more grounded, balanced and safe and can calm the nervous system. it can be vitalizing and help in regaining new power, clarity and resistance.

My massages are influenced by acupressure, thai massage, classical massage, shiatsu, lomi-lomi and deep tissue massage. they are intuitively mixed by fluent strokes and deeper pressure. most of the time I use warm oil, either on full body or specific parts of the body, depending on your wishes and needs.


Shiatsu is a wonderful technique to increase sensitivity and presence. it is about being there and going with the other body without the aim to change it, about the joy to accompany. following the idea „less is more“ and by sensing and touching the other body in it’s singularity it is possible to connect on a deep level.

we work on the ground on a futon with comfortable clothes.


Acupuncture has a direct influence on processes in the body. By setting the needles to specific points in the body we can initiate and support self healing processes and regain balance. It is possible to reduce acute or chronic pain, emotional or physical discomfort and diseases; also to prevent diseases or to use it as a tool for self care and self awareness.

Yoga inspired Movement

I also offer private or group yoga inspired movement classes.


  • Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung, Berlin
    (focus: chinese medicine and bodywork)
  • Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • Thai Massage courses in Chiang Mai and Lahu Village, Thailand
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Advanced Training, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou, China
  • since 2016 Gesundheitsberatung, Heilehaus, Berlin
  • Massage Therapist in Vabali Spa and Olivin Sauna, Berlin
  • Lomi Lomi-, Deep Tissue- , Classical Massage- courses
  • 750- hours- Yoga Advanced Training
  • advanced acupuncture trainings with Yair Maimon, Renate Ilg, Elle Klink etc.
  • Online Trauma course, Bundesministerium f. Bildung u. Forschung
  • “NADA” – 5- ear points- acupuncture


1h massage treatment: 50-70€
1 – 1 1/2 acupuncture treatment: 40-80€

(if you are not able to pay that amount because of your financial situation, get in touch with me, we will find a solution)


0178 5398650 /

I speak german, english and some spanish

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