my name is Johanna. I offer dance therapy. After my studies of psychology I danced very intensly (Butoh, Authentic Movement, modern dance). I dicovered that dance opens my inner world and gives me an opportunity to express it. I noticed the therapeutical impact of dance and decided to become a dancetherapist.
For me dancetherapy means to feel my body again. What does the body want to tell? What is felt by the body can be put into words and become conscious and lead into changes. Particularly important for me is to work with the subect of self-empowerment, so we can feel our needs and become capable to acting. For a long time I am interessted in a critical social-science perspective. I am shaped by critical psychology, antipsychiatry, psychoanalyse as social-science and queere themes. It’s important for me to create a space sensitiv for discriminations.

Group: Dance&Bodyworks

A movement-offer with dancetherapeutical elements. During the warming up we will focus a deeper breath, earthing and awareness. On this base we get to different subjects (Boundary and connection, give and receive support, self-assertion, lightness, body image etc.). In between there will be time for sharings. I would like to archieve: getting in contact with youself and the others if wished, get in tough with your feelings, find a way to express it, trying movements, finding quietness and loading energy. You don’t need any dance experience. Everybody is welcome.

Please come tested.

If you are interested don’t hestitate to asked questions or tell me if you like to come around!

When: Mondays 18:00 – 20:00, every 14 days
How much: 6-12 Euro
Registration (important because just limited participants):

Professional background:

Training in psychological therapy, psychoanalysis and depth psychology, Institut für Psychotherapie e.V. Berlin (Since 2/2021)

Training in integrative dance- and expressiontherapist, Neuraum – Zentrum für integrative Körperarbeit, Tanz & Therapie (3,5 years berufsbegleitend, 05/2021)

Bachelor- und Masterstudies of Psychology (09/2015)

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