Hi. My name is Irina Smaranda

I am a traditional Bodywork therapist, certifying trainer in Traditional Thai Massage (Lanna Lineage), as well as Thai Yoga and self-care practices instructor. I have studied and graduated a 750+Hours Professional Teacher Training at Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand and I am an affiliated teacher of this institute.

My greatest passions are martial arts and other forms of movement, health care and complementary practices. Working with athletes as well as with anybody interested in a new approach of their lifestyle for better health, is one of the main focuses in my professional activity since 2014.

I strongly believe that self-health-care is a liberating tool. Everyone is entitled to know how to use it in order to achieve optimal health, without relying strictly on pharmaceutical treatments and health care systems that regularly fail to serve and meet our needs.

What I am offering:

I am offering individual therapeutic sessions with Traditional Thai Massage and Bodywork, 90 minutes. Payment from 65 to 85 euros depending on what you can afford.

Thai Yoga and self-massage group classes 60 min online and in person.

Payment from 5 to 10 euros depending on what you can afford.

I am teaching different programs with international certification:

Short trainings:
Basic Thai Massage Training
Foot Thai Massage Reflexology
Table Thai Massage
Chair Thai Massage

Level I Fundamentals of Thai Massage 
Level II Enhancement of Thai Massage
Level III Therapeutic Thai Massage

For more content information and fees you can visit

Phone: 01631281979

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