My name is Aurélie Walther, I have been practicing shiatsu for about 10 years now.
The shiatsu, as you must probably know allready, has for basis the chineese medicine. It has been used by the Japanese, centuries ago, and they developed a way of treating the accu points with the fingers.

So, during the treatment, the therapist practice pressures on the meridians, with finger tips and also elbow, knee etc…
It can be strong and deep but a session is nevertheless quite relaxing.

This method can help in many differents cases and many differents fields.
As psycological problems like:
Burn out
Lack of self confidence

As structural issues like:
Back pain
Posture troubles

As internals pains like:
Chronical stomac ache
Head ache and migrain

Any way, the shiatsu helps the body to use its own resources so that it feels better and more harmonious.

In former time, shiatsu was practiced regularly to maintain the balance of the body.

Besides this wonderful method, I practice as well the “oriculothérapie” which is a technique developed by a french doctor in the 1930th. This method basically consists to give informations directly to the brain by the help of little needles in the ears.
This methode is very efficient for precise and strong pains or troubles.
For example:
Back pain
any bones or muscles pain or inflammations
reactional depression
for support in the stop smoking process
and also for all the symmetry troubles like balance problem.

The clients can of cours choose if they want to have acupuncture in the ear or not. Some time I may suggest it but it is never an obligation.

In my practice, every body is welcome, what ever the age or the movement abilities. We will always find a way to make you lay comfortably.
The only restrictions are the serious heart problems. In this case, i’ll have precise conversation with the person to find out if a shiatsu treatment is required.
For a session you should bring with you comfortable clothes with long legs and sleeves. I practice the treatment through the clothes.

One session is 60 euro for whom who can afford it. If not, we adapt according to your incoms and/ or your credit.

Looking forward to meet you.
0151 24 85 91 98

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