Shiatsu is an art of touch. Shiatsu can become a dance or a common meditation. The touch is not only meant physically but also mentally and energetically. A touch on the face can be felt deep into the stomach and feet. Warm hands and a soft, firm grip give the touch clarity and security. For my Shiatsu I want to have a clear view of what your body shows me and how I can highlight and reinforce it. I associate clarity with air and heaven and earth, direction and path. Finding clarity feels upright and free, it can be happy and light, but also metallic and heavy.

During the Shiatsu treatment you can entrust me with your weight, relax your postural muscles and give up control as far as it feels comfortable for you. I give off weight to your body to the extent that I feel invited. Shiatsu aims at contact and connection, but also at the perception of boundaries and differences. During the treatment, I let myself be guided by you and offer you impulses to open up opportunities for relaxation and development.

Shiatsu treatments involve the entire body and are given through clothing. Please bring comfortable clothes that cover your arms and legs.


30-60€ sliding scale, according to your estimation.
Limited pool of no- or low-cost sessions.

I have been studying at the Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg since March 2018 and completed the qualification in October 2021. Since December 2020 I assist and teach at Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg.